Group Leader of Digitalization Delivery

Pracovní místo ( Group Leader of Digitalization Delivery ) již není aktuální, zadavatel tuto pozici obsadil, nebo si nepřeje tuto pracovní nabídku dále zobrazovat.

Pracovní náplň

As part of your role, you will:
- Lead and manage two teams within the "Digitalization Delivery" divisions
- Guide the extension and integration of these teams into the international digital community.
- Assist the teams with technical queries and contribute to strategic decision-making.
- Ensure a dynamic range of projects and tasks for our teams to actively contribute to.
- Collaborate closely with senior management to shape the digital strategy.
- Cultivate strong relationships with relevant counterparts and external partners, focusing on ongoing strategic development.
- Play a crucial role in resource and team planning alongside the digital Resource Responsible.
- Lead the recruitment efforts for new talents and specialists.
- Uphold quality and safety standards for the Operations Console.
- Represent the company and projects, maintaining connections with universities.
- Actively participate in the projects undertaken by the team, whenever feasible.

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