Pracovní místo ( DESIGN ENGINEER WITH DIGITALIZATION EXPERIENCE ) již není aktuální, zadavatel tuto pozici obsadil, nebo si nepřeje tuto pracovní nabídku dále zobrazovat.

Pracovní náplň

The person will be a link between R&D, product management and production responsible (about 50% of time supporting the R&D office) and also part of the team (remaining 50% of time) responsible for digitalisation of our product portfolio and development of rules for variant configurations (in cooperation with our IT department) as we have been currently going through an ERP transformation.

1) Drawing office support (R&D)

- Preparation of non-standard orders for Nymburk production (variants and modifications of products, from smaller 5-minute tasks to larger tasks - change of materials, designs, components, whatever is necessary).

- Be a link between R&D, product management and production.

2) Digitalisation

- You will have overall responsibility for digitizing our product portfolio and develop rules for variant configurations. You will maintain and develop our SAP system with an international team.
- You will lead the redefinition of our structures and processes in SAP to enable automation of BoT and others - you must be able to define what IT will then put into the systems.
- You will handle mass data updates in SAP and support Tacton updates.

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