Research Platform Python Engineer

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Pracovní náplň

We work in small, cross-functional teams. Engineers work closely with product managers and customers, internal and external, to figure out the best "what" we can build, before we build it. There's a lot of prototyping and learning early on in the process. We value small increments, rapid iteration and continuous delivery.

There are many ways to apply great software engineering principles at Pace. You could be ingesting and processing data at cloud-scale and real-time. You could be building a platform that proves a new version of the algorithms perform better than the last. You could be improving the slickest, most beautiful, and disruptive app in the hospitality industry. You will for sure be working with brilliant people, solving hard problems.

A bit more about our stack:
* React on the frontend
* Python on the backend
* GraphQL in the middle
* PyMC3, Dask and Gurobi to run our models
* Running on Kubernetes in Google Cloud
* Using a whole host of other cloud-native technologies

Engineers who relish solving problems with a lot of autonomy. Alongside your peers, you will decide what to build and how to build it. You'll deploy it and look after it in production too.

You should have an aptitude for and a love of Python, and a knack for building simple, elegant and pragmatic solutions to gnarly problems. You should have used cloud-native tools before and be comfortable building prototypes and proof-of-concepts.

As a Research Platform Engineer you'll work in our data science team, building the infrastructure and tooling to enable your team to work

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