SW Architect for Voice Verification (Python)

For our client, young company who finds joy in pushing the boundaries of innovation in the field of speech technology by automating and simplifying solutions for many of today’s complex communication and security-strategic challenges and their team of enthusiastic scientists / Pythonists we are looking for a SW Architect in Brno.

Pracovní náplň

We are searching for tech-saavy person who dares to lead our Voice Verify technology. You will be working on a new software solution which will allow fast and reliable authentication using voice.

If you accept this challenge, you will be:

- an architect – creating a new software solution and taking it to the next level,
- a programmer – programming will be still huge part of your job, clean code is in your blood,
- a tech leader – you’ll be the decision maker in terms of which technologies should be used,
- a coordinator – you’ll be coordinating the team, setting up its priorities, no technical debt,
- a visionary – show us the direction and suggest ways the product should be going,
- a client oriented person – you’ll have a chance to educate and present company technology


- Application is written using Django framework, so you’ll be using Python a lot!
- You’ll have a chance to design network configuration for large deployments in AWS using Docker. We use Kubernetes to manage those deployments.
- We work with Linux as our target platform.
- You’ll help us to adopt message queue system as a main communication framework.
- You’ll be designing effective API that our clients can interact with.


* Modern – we are working with cutting-edge technologies and the systems are based on real time technologies.
* Cool – speaker identification is one of the most interesting areas to work in. We develop unique and state-of-the-art technologiestogether with some of the best European researchers.
* Agile – we need to be as we focus on what business and our customers need. Our work depends on customer´s feedback.
* Geeks – yes, we are. In a positive way. We love to try new things and explore unique technological areas beyond what we think is even possible.
* Cooperation – we help each other, learn from each other, stand behind each other. We are a team.
* Community – Are you a foodie? Traveler? Sport lover? Movie fan? We love to have breakfasts together each month, we go skiing and skating in winter, we have teambuilding in summer, wine tasting anytime. Is there any hobby you would like to share with us? Bring it on board!
* Learn and grow – conferences, workshops, mentoring and other opportunities for personal and professional development.
* Flexibility – working from home (if you need), flexible working hours, work-life balance.

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