Senior Developer in Finance Development

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Pracovní náplň

Line of Business (LoB) Finance is a global development organization responsible for delivering this next-generation Finance solution and works closely together with partners and customers to enable superior future-proof business models and finance processes.

Line of Business Finance is responsible to fulfill SAP’s simplification story by SAP S/4HANA in the cloud and on premise. Within LoB Finance the Group Reporting unit is developing a solution used by large corporations around the world to generate consolidated financial results and to publish group related information to the stock market, management and investors.

You will work in an innovative enviroment,and will be part of building up a new team, with highly motivated colleagues. Your responsibility will be covering all stages and tasks within the entire development cycle:
- You work as a senior developer in a development team on designing, implementing, testing and
maintaining software and apply agile software development principles
- You build up and expand business knowledge wihtin and beyond Financials
- You show initiative and drive topics to resolution in a high level of quality and efficiency
- You work in a highly agile project with strategic relevance to drive new innovations and
leverage the power of the existing architecture to build future solutions
- You build up and animate a strong network for knowledge sharing and driving execution within
the Finance teams
- You work in a highly self-motivated and reliable manners

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