C++ Developer - Speech technology

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Pracovní náplň

In our business we deal with speech technologies which in itself is really interesting.

What makes it even more fun though is that our team can work on various different projects and can have a regular insight on what the other teams are having in progress.

Our core activity is the coding itself but sometimes we develop special interfaces, we do testing, we create GUIs, and we improve our internal systems as well.

Yes, all this is taken care of by our micro team who is just one of the several teams, and we never run out of projects.

Would you like to have an idea what a typical day is like for us?

Well, it is hard to tell because every day is different in our job. Some days we are testing a brand new technology, some other days we are comparing corporate products with state-of-the-art  projects, designing neural networks, inventing unconventional solutions, writing some nice code in C++  helping the other teams, and all this we will be happy to show you.

And that is what we would like to talk about with you.

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